Version 4.01
Major changes:
Historical data now supports ODS.
Notes panel and adding/editing/removing notes has been streamlined.
Minor changes:
Historical data link moved from other to player/tribe in the menu.
Version 4
New features:
Highlights: Highlight window redesigned, you can now sort and regroup highlights by dragging them around. Groups can also be collapsed (hiding its contents from list view) and hidden (hiding highlights on the map and minimap).
Village finder: List villages in continents in different formats filtered by one of your filter presets.
Morale against you: Displays a player's morale against you.
Continent player and tribe point stats: Displays the players and tribes points in a continent, the percentage those points represent and their points ranking in their continent.
Filter presets: Configure multiple filter presets and quickly change between them.
Filter options: You can now filter by marker status, maximum distance from start, minimum/maximum time since point/ODA/ODD increase and minimum/maximum tribe points.
Larger font size: Option to slightly increase tool font size.
Menu history: You can now go back and forward through your menu history.
Manage configurations: An interface to manage your multiple configurations and more easily create new configurations for the same server.
Restore previous configuration: Restore previous versions of your configuration from backup (every save creates a new backup, backups are stored for up to 14 days).
Lists: There are now lists for a tribe's villages, markers and circle areas. Lists are paged at 500 villages and also display additional info depending on the type of list.
Markers BBcode list: A marker BBcode list can now be displayed.
New BBcodes: [b], [size], [color] and [font].
Browser zoom: The tool is now partially compatible with most browsers' native zoom functionality. However, it is still advised to use the built in zoom and larger font functionality instead.
New zooms: 2%, 4% and 75%.
World Map: Generate world maps at different icon sizes with all the features of the map.
Map screenshot: Take a screenshot of your map or minimap that you can share.
Graphs: Player villages and tribe members graphs have been added. Additionally, tribe data and player data graphs have been altered to include bar graphs of conquers.
Historical data: Conquers can be filtered by time. Links to historical data now include your sort preference and page.
ODS: ODS data is now available, including support mode.
Zoom preview: If you zoom out to 10% or lower, a 5x5 preview of the area at 50% zoom will be shown.
Rudamentary touch support: Touch devices such as smartphones or tablets should be able to interact with the tool now.
Major changes:
Canvas: The tool now uses canvas as primary rendering method, which should provide a smoother experience. Users with old browsers can keep using version 3.04.
Minimap screenshot: Minimap link feature has been replaced by minimap screenshot, old minimap links will continue to work as before. Minimap screenshots however, lack the auto-updating feature of minimap links.
Interface changes: Some extra animations added to the interface, icons added to interface elements and menus, top menu bar layout slightly changed.
Village menu redesign: Instead of a list with all options, the village menu is now organised under village, player, tribe and other. It now also displays the village icon, highlight groups and village/player/tribe names.
Mass highlight: You now choose the format instead of using auto-detect.
Tooltip redesign: The tooltip is now distinct from menus and has more animations when enabled.
Minor changes:
Auto player highlight: Now also displays while hovering over names of villages and players.
Messages panel: The layout of the messages panel ahs been changed.
Timers: It is now possible to change the description when using the "New timer" menu option. The timer panel and "New timer" menu option will remember your last selected alert sound during the session.
Travel Times: Panel does not open automatically anymore when setting a start/destination.
Version 3.04
Major change:
Scenery: The scenery has been updated to support Tribal Wars version 7 scenery.
Version 3.03
New feature:
Note BBcodes: You can now use a variety of BBcodes in the note function.
Version 3.02
New feature:
Language selection: It is now possible to change the default language to any of the available translations, you can help translating using the translation tool.
Version 3.01
New feature:
Travel Times line: A line is now drawn automatically between your start and destination coordinate.
Version 3
New features:
Map dragging: Drag the map to move it.
Zoom system: 6 zoom modes; 3 icon only zooms (10%, 8% and 6%) which are like a full screen minimap and 3 full zooms (100%, 50% and 25%). These replace the icon size option and Minimap map overlay feature.
Full screen: The map automatically fills your entire screen, replacing the map size setting.
Scroll wheel zooming: Use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out.
Travel Times in tooltips: Use "Set start" and the tooltip will display the Travel Times in the tooltip.
Highlights in tooltips: You can now view highlights and highlight groups in the tooltip.
Timers: Set timed events that warn you at set Tribal Wars server times.
Translations: The tool is now fully translatable, use the translation tool to help translate Tribal Wars Map into your native language.
Tribal Wars Map graphs: Graphs provided by Tribal Wars Map.
New Minimap positions: top-right, top-left, bottom-left on top of the existing bottom-right (default), outside bottom-left and outside top-right.
Mass highlighting: Highlight villages, players or tribes from a list.
Highlight all of a player's villages: Accessible from Village list->Highlight list->highlight all.
New colour picker: On top of the existing colour sphere and colour palette, there is now a colour picker available.
Influence (tooltip option): Displays the power of tribes near to a village using a calculation based on distance and points in a 15 village radius.
Historical data: Complete redesign, adding tribe conquer history and tribe member history amongst many other changes and additions, now also available for individual players.
Circle icons on map: Displays a cross on the map where the center of a circle is located.
Markers on minimap: Displays start, destination, main and markers on the minimap as an outline.
New filter options: Maximum number of hours since conquered, maximum and minimum number of hours since last activity and only display highlighted.
Major changes:
Entirely new design: Nearly complete redesign of the tool's interface and design, also improving load time over fast connections (due to increased file sizes, load time has increased if you have dial-up).
Flash based: The tool is now Flash based and fully animated, a necessary step for many of the new features. As an alternative for those who don't have the necessary Flash version installed, there is now a no-Flash version (version 2.21).
Loading data: Data is loaded by continent and offers great increases in speed compared to previous versions.
Village list & Member list: Design changed, more sorting options and data columns added.
Login system: You can now be logged in at multiple Tribal Wars versions at a time in Tribal Wars Map.
Alerts: Browser alerts have been replaced by "Notices", which should be less obstructive.
Minor changes:
"TW Stats" menu option renamed "Graphs & links", provides links to multiple other sites and more graphs.
Tribe history renamed Historical data.
Messages panel: Tips in messages panel, text link advertisement replaced by banner and reordered.
Help section rewritten and redesigned.
Change world menu switched to two-column layout.
Version 2.21
Major change:
The icons used by the map have been replaced by the new set used by Tribal Wars.
Version 2.2
New features:
Historical data/Tribe history: Displays a week's point, ODA and ODD change for every member of a tribe and calculates performance scores for each individual member (standalone tool).
Notes: You can now add descriptions to notes that will be displayed in the tooltip, create notes for villages, players and tribes, create several notes (and note descriptions) for one village, player or tribe and display a list of all your notes and their descriptions.
Login system: You can now login using your Tribal Wars account.
Public configuration: You can now create public configurations that can be edited by anyone.
Member list: Like village list, displays a list of a tribe's members.
Draw lines: Draw lines between two coordinates on the map.
Draw circles: Draw circles on the map.
Markers: Draw simple markers on the map, represented by an icon in the middle of the village.
Filter option: A new option has been added to the filter, "Only display highlighted villages".
Colour settings: Fully customize the colours used for highlighting and the minimap.
Minimap icon size: Choose 3px, 4px (default) or 5px (Tribal Wars) icons for the minimap.
Animations: Menus and windows are animated. You can turn this off by unchecking "Play animations" at the settings.
Tooltips: Tribe ODA and ODD added to the tooltips, tooltips are now configurable with a variety of settings.
World Map: Includes a top # function, allowing you to generate a world map with the top players/tribes.
Hotkeys: Configure hotkeys for nearly every action. Configure left and right click hotkeys, bind hotkeys to actions and more.
Major changes:
Changing the map icon size no longer requires a reload. All settings can now be changed without reloading the map.
Minimap tooltips: All villages on the minimap now display a tooltip (you do not have to click them first to request data).
minimap mouseout visibility: Configure the transparency of the minimap while your mouse is not over it.
Colour selector: Quick colours, next to your favourite colour, you can save as many colours as you want for later usage.
Village marker: While your mouse is over a village, an icon will appear in the center.
Player markers: Uses same icon as village marker, which is the same icon the minimap uses.
Save system: All settings are now stored on the server, this means you can have up to 50KB of settings which translates to ~4000 highlights.
Layout changed: Top menu bar embedded into the map, background image removed, mode selection changed to text.
Tooltip descriptions: Most menu options now display tooltip descriptions.
Search: Moved to "Search". Search results now display tooltips, are not paged (all results are shown) and are realtime.
Settings: Changed layout to tabs and checkboxes simular to most setting panels in Windows and OSX.
Minor changes:
Minimap: Old URL format "&settings=[settings]" not supported anymore.
Coordinates: X/Y and (X/Y) are now accepted as valid coordinates in X boxes along with X|Y and (X|Y).
Select links: Select links added to BBcodes and village list.
Village list: Village list will now be scrollable when the list exceeds 450 pixels., layout changed, performance improved for long lists (100+ villages).
Load speed: Reduced loading time by reducing requests from ~40 to ~20. Total size increased from ~150KB to ~200KB.
Forms: All forms should now submit on enter. Form buttons and elements' graphics improved.
Groups: "Open all village pages" opens the Tribal Wars village page for every village in the group.
Version 2.11
New features:
Default group: You can set a default group and new highlights will automatically be assigned to that group.
All highlights BBcode list & Ungrouped highlights BBcode list: You can now generate a bbcode list for all highlights and ungrouped highlights next to groups.
Version 2.1
New feature:
Groups: You can now group your highlights.
Minor change:
Highlighting: "Edit" replaced by "Options", "Options" shows three options, "Edit colour", "Change group", "Delete".
Version 2.0
New features:
Beginner protection: Displayed by text in the tooltip, with remaining hours shown and a "P" icon displayed in the center of the village on the map.
Village list: Lists a player's villages, filterable by continent. Can also display a BBcode village list.
Morale for time-based morale worlds: When the player you are viewing has a recorded start date in Tribal Wars Map (all players of World 17+ are recorded) the morale of your main village's owner against that player will be displayed (points-based morale worlds will not need a start date to display morale).
Unset main: You can now unset your main village/player.
Wildcard search: You can now use wildcards ("*") when searching for a tribe, player or village in the highlight controls.
Player markers: Displays icons on all the player's villages while your mouse is over one of his/her villages while shown.
New BBcode formats: Forum BBcode for external forums and HTML.
You can now enter the "X|Y" and "(X|Y)" format in the "X:" box to change the coordinate or set a Travel Time.
Activity mode: The growth monitor has been replaced by Activity mode, which includes the last increase in ODA in the calculation.
Growth mode, Attack mode, Defend mode: Three modes similar to conquer mode to see players who recently increased in points, ODA and ODD.
Favourite colour: You can now save a favourite colour which you can access and update while editting a colour. You can choose to automatically use it when you add a new colour.

Major changes:
New Tribal Wars like design.
Tooltip: Now displays more info, Beginner protection, Player Rank, ODA, ODA Rank, ODD, ODD Rank, Last ODA increase, Last ODD increase, Tribe Top 40 points, Tribe Rank, Tribe average points.
Fully uses Javascript to generate everything, the server only parses the village, player and tribe data. Times in tooltips will be more precise, loading times faster and more actions can be taken without having to wait for data to be parsed. Changing filter settings and map size will be instant for example.
Map size limit increased to 10000 villages from 80x60.
Minimap size limit reduced to 10000 villages from 160x120.
Villages on the map and villages/players/tribes in the highlight controls will now automatically link to the correct page (when you middle-click or right-click->open link them), this page will be the guest page if you have no main village set and are logged out, the normal page with your first village selected if you are logged in (and no main village set) or the normal page with your main village selected if you are logged in and the main village set belongs to you.
Favourite colour: You can now save a favourite colour which you can access and update while editting a colour. You can choose to automatically use it when you add a new colour.

Minor changes:
Consistency: Behavior has been matched accross functions, for example every menu has a title and close bar.
Search: clicking a village/player/tribe in the results now opens the menu instead of highlighting them.
Highlight controls: layout slightly changed, search now has wildcard function (see new feature), delete button moved to Edit colour menu, favourite colour (see new feature). Highlighting a village/player/tribe does not open highlight controls automatically anymore. When a village/player/tribe is highlighted "(highlight)" is replaced by a button with the respective colour and "edit", which opens the edit colour menu (this makes using the highlight controls optional).
Travel times: displays unit icons and distance (rounded up to 1/10 of a village).
Menu: will adhere the map's borders, reducing the amount of scrolling required. It will pan up and/or left when it reaches the bottom and/or right border so it does not exit the map's area.